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REHAB Trainers

Rehabilitation Training 

Sports Massage

Stretch Therapy

Common Pain Symptoms

Upper Body

Neck Pain

Frozen Shoulders 

Rotator Cuff Syndrome

Tennis Elbow

Golfer's Elbow

Carpal Tunnel 

Lumbo Pelvic Hip 

Lower Back Pain

Hip Impingement 

Groin Pain


Lower Body

ITB Syndrome

Hamstring Strain

Knee Pain

Shin Splints

Ankle Impingement

Planta Fasciitis

Lower Body

Lower Back Pain

Hip Impingement 

Groin Pain


Physical Therapy & Corrective Exercise 

We will work with your appointed medical professionals to eliminate and keep pain symptoms at bay through corrective exercise prescription. We are also happy to refer you to our specialists if you require our recommendation. 

Stretching Therapy

One on one Passive Stretching services is available at our facilities upon request. Our Therapists are well versed with common pain symptoms and will provide customized treatment that fits your condition. Private Stretching Therapy sessions range from 60min to 90min. 

Medical Massage & Sports Massage

Compliment your treatment with our massage services for a more holistic approach to manage your pain. Our therapists will address issues that may come up in areas around your symptoms to unload some of the stress that may build up in these areas as a result of your pain symptom.

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