We have seen so many patients with neck and shoulder tightness and discomfort we thought we'd share a thing or two with you.....

First of all, if you are suffering from stiff neck and tight shoulders, let us assure you that you are definitely not alone! For every 10 patients who walk into our studio, at least 7 of them come in with symptoms of neck and shoulder discomfort. 

Many of us will attack the symptoms with heat pads, sports gels, weekly massages to find short lived comfort just to have them reappear the following week. Don’t get us wrong, although massages feel great and you should work with a skilful masseuse, we are also recommending that you tackle the underlying movement fault that would have caused the issue in the first place. For long term relive, perhaps we should then, look at addressing the root cause instead of just treating the symptoms. How shall you start addressing this issue?

Check your shoulders

Shoulder mobility can directly impact the muscles that surround the neck. When our shoulders are not moving correctly due to various reasons like past injuries or simply the lack of exercise, muscles that surround our neck will have to compensate by working harder to lift our arms so that we can go about our daily lives. Simple tasks like carrying our child, lifting our shopping bags will become a burden on our neck and will cause neck and shoulder tightness. Checking your shoulder mobility is easy with selected strength tests and can be done with our Corrective Exercise Trainers at Body Performance.

Daily Maintenance

Many of us wait for the next doctor, training, massage appointment to relieve neck and shoulder tightness. If you suffer from excessive discomfort on a daily basis, you should learn ways and methods to address these symptoms on a regular basis to prevent them from getting worse. Muscle release techniques with a tennis ball, suitable passive and active stretching techniques and even certain exercises can help. You may want to speak to our fitness professionals for more information.

Exercise is not only for Fat Loss!

Many people only relate exercise to fat loss. In this case, regular exercise will help with shoulder stability, ensure good shoulder range of motion, improve neck strength, and help with the general stability around the shoulder and neck region. There are hundreds of exercises you can do for neck and shoulder health, but the question remains as to which ones are suitable for your physical condition and pain symptoms. Finding out is easy through a postural and movement assessment done by a qualified Fitness Professional.

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